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Residential Work

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Residential Work

For over 20 years Decor Electric has been your choice of Electrical Contractor to handle the small one room remodels or the 15,000 sq ft ground up construction projects. We take great care and pride in all that we do.  This may be why we have been featured in Architectural Digest, and appeared in Extreme Makeover. So no mater what you might need we, you can put your trust in the company that cares.

* Troubleshooting experts.

* Lighting Design specialists. Indoor and Outdoor.

* Full service remodel and new home build.

* Panel upgrades. 100-200-400 and 600 amp services.

* Landscape lighting

* Home automation.

* Home networking. TV, Audio, Computer

* Custom lighting

* Dedicated circuits.


Here at Decor Electric, we stand behind our work and are committed to each and every project from start to finish, initial consultation to final review. Please see below for a few of our residential remodel case studies:

Custom Remodeled Home

Project Requirement and Challenge:

This project was a complete remodel of a custom home in Newport Beach, CA. The remodel called for all new lighting for art work that would be displayed around the home, custom light fixtures, wine cabinet, and complete home automation system.

Project Solution:

This was accomplished by working directly with the home owner to decide exact locations for new art work, lighting fixtures and furniture locations for proper lighting throughout home. This also included working directly with a programmer from Lutron to set up all drapery controls and lighting to work in conjunction. With a touch of the away button the drapes close and the lights slowly dim setting up a walkway to the garage where the car is parked. When Morning comes the drapes open at a preset time and they follow the sun so no sun lights hits the paintings. This project required a total time of 8 months from start to finish.

Customer Comments:

“I want to thank Vern and his crew from Décor Electric for the wonderful job they did at our home. His crew took great care and pride in everything that they did at our home. It looks beautiful.”
- Bill Rodham, Home Owner


Lighting Installation with Lift

Project Requirement and Challenge:

The challenge was to install a new 700 pound chandelier in a new location and have it be able to be raised and lowered with a lift.

Project Conclusion and Solution:

We asked the Clifton Boys, a general contracting company, to build us a scaffolding system and set up a remote location in the attic and run the cable to a new pulley system through the ceiling joists to a bigger pulley in the center of the new chandelier location. This required lots of bracing to handle the new 700 pound chandelier location. The weight came from all of the hand blown crystal pieces. This job required two weeks of work from start to finish.

Customer Comments:

“We don’t know how they did it but the Clifton Boys and Décor Electric were able to install our new Chandelier in its new location and looks great. Our cleaning people love how easy it is to lower it for cleaning.”
- Shawn Morris


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